An Old Enchantment: Books

Originally posted on peanutbutterblast:
I am not big of a book person but I have had my experience of being immersed in certain books or staying up late to finish the last few chapters. Growing up, I have always been fascinated by stories and I would superimpose myself with the main character and play out…


Originally posted on peanutbutterblast:
A few years ago, if you would’ve asked my friends if I was capable of writing, their answer would be a mixture of indecisive muttering. I was a child who had never found her calling. Be it Music, dance or art none of them made my heart throb. I never learned…


Maybe this day will be better,Your eyes won’t spill a tear today,Maybe their hearts grew a little biggerThan it was yesterday Maybe the world is still a good placeThere might be hope after allMaybe there is nothing we can’t faceAnd maybe we can get through it allMaybe.

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